Join over 200 local purchasing and supply management professionals in Central Alabama and start your membership benefits immediately!

Annual Dues (and renewals):                              $220.00

One-time new member administrative fee :      $20.00

Total (new member fee):                               $240.00

Renewals for ISM Alabama, Inc's memberships are in June of each year; therefore, dues are prorated at time of joining to sync to the June renewals.  Contact ISM at the number below, if payment is made at time of joining to insure proper payment amount is made.  Otherwise, you will be contacted by ISM on the proper payment amount.  

How to Join

Click Here to print and complete the membership application.  Send completed form via email (scanned completed form) or regular mail to addresses indicated on the form.


Contact:  ISM at 800-888-6276, Option 8, Mailing Address:  ISM, 309 W. Elliot Rd., Suite 113, Tempe AZ 85284-1556.

PLEASE NOTE:  Join the ISM-Alabama, Inc. affiliate to receive all the benefits that this Alabama affiliate has to offer.  Joining ISM National as a Direct member will not provide you with what ISM-Alabama, Inc. offers.   So be sure and join the ISM-Alabama, Inc. affiliate if calling or contacting ISM in Tempe AZ.