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________________________________________________Tamara V. Hall


Greetings ISM-Alabama,        14th May 2020

I am thrilled to be elected by my industry peers as the 2020-2022 president of the Institute for Supply Chain Management for Alabama Chapter, Inc. (ISM-Alabama)!  This is indeed an honor and milstone moment in my career.  I spent years presenting and facilitating the development as well the implementation of program improvements at various companies within the department6s of contracting, strategic sourcing, vendor management, construction and, where I spend much of my time, as a diversity inclusion and devellopment leader.

To my fellow professionals in the supply chain industry, I am ready to serve!  Now, some might question if a global pandemic is the best time to focus on leadership and profession development.  I say unequivocally, yes, it is!  I say yes because people need to hope and not many can deny that some of us are the best visionaries and innovatiors when the call to action is, "We need this now, but how?"  That's why I am encourageing those of us in the supply chain proffession to join ISM-Alabama where leaders with diversity of thoughts, frames of references and experiences can shape the future of supply chain networks together.

ISM-Alabama also has a rejuvenated new board and trustee trailblazers ready to serve the needs of their supply chain colleagues during and beyond COVID-19, Planning local and multi-state buying consortiums can impact economic strength now and into the future.  Let us figure out, "the how," together.

Stay safe and take care.

Tamara V. Hall

ISM-Alabama President

Supply Chain Management-Supplier Development

Southern Company


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